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Wireless Sensor Networks Srl (WSN4Life) is an engineering company founded in 2004 as a starting point and a professional turning point for a very close and small group of people. It produces project-based innovation on customer input (in Italy and abroad) with which it seeks solutions to problems in the provision of value-added health services for a patient with chronic disease. Over time, some projects have become products, others have turned into further projects, in a snowball effect on the overall value chain of the company, which has continued to grow. WSN4Life acts with irrepressible push, giving all of itself and works with total participation and with the aim of being for its interlocutor (direct, the customer; indirect, the patient) a  "a choice 4 life". It has obtained several awards, including institutional ones, for its innovative propulsion, the latest in order of time, in July 2019, in the European context of Horizon 2020, the EU framework program for research and innovation (EU proposal 879086). Nonetheless, it considers itself artisan in its core (thinking with its own head and acting with its own hands) and definitively, "Italian", in the best and only sense of the term. Working with WSN4Life is the first step in a path of change for both your company and ours: test us!

Wireless Sensor Networks srl
Headquarters: Via A. De Gasperi 4, 20831 Seregno MB Italy  - Registered Office: Via Manara 31, 20900 Monza MB Italy
VAT: 04342600964
T. +39 0362 311544 - E.