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Smartbrain® is an interactive cognitive stimulation software with proven therapeutic efficacy, for the treatment of mild cognitive impairment, in Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, in mental disease, in the case of stroke or brain injury, Down syndrome and/or in the treatment of chronic diseases. It has about 60,000 exercises, with various levels of difficulty, which allow to rehabilitate and enhance all cognitive skills, such as: Memory; Language; Calculation; Attention; Recognition; Orientation; Executive Functions. It can be used with a PC or Tablet. The program is installed from DVD, USB stick or simply by downloading it from the internet. It can also be used via WEB.


Smartbrain in the presence of pathologies

represents an instrument of proven efficacy in the treatment of deficit or cognitive impairment,

  • treating any type of cognitive impairment, either:

    • from home, or

    • at a facility;

  • supplementing drug treatment in case of cognitive impairment;

  • maintaining and improving the patient's quality of life;

  • preserving patient autonomy and self-esteem;

  • promoting interpersonal interaction;

  • compensating for sensory deficits;

  • reducing anxiety and confusion.


Smartbrain is a versatile tool

effective in maintaining and strengthening intellectual abilities,

  • as a mental training tool, at home, for adults and older people who want to prevent memory loss or other mental abilities;

  • as a tool with which to carry out a test of the level of mental abilities, comparing evolution over time.


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